Lake Pinatubo

The Pinatubo caldera is majestic. Its a breathtakingly delightful sensory overload of an experience!! It’s really a lot to take in when you first see it! Oh boy does the landscape reward you… Continue reading

Sharing our South America itinerary – in detail!

I can’t believe its less than 35 days before we head out halfway across the world en route to South America. Plans started to become more concrete back in January when the first… Continue reading

Beijing, China

This time we travel to Beijing on a shoestring. This oriental ancient city was nothing short of amazing! I have a list of eternal cities on my bucket, and now I can finally… Continue reading

Great Wall

‘He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man’, as this famous Chinese saying goes. My photographs does not give the Great Wall of China even a little sense… Continue reading

New South Wales

Start the year right with Rochelle, this is New South Wales!

Holi Festival of Colours

Celebrating Colour, Love & Happiness.

On To The Next One

Guilt fades, hard work is forever.

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Spending the Yuletide season overseas for the first time with the Elizaldes! Starring: Me, Bger, Niq, Robine, Yaya Dibbie & Reggie. Tonight will be close to impossible for me to fend off the… Continue reading

Tioman: Open Water Diver

We finally got our license for open water scuba diving! I can just see myself living aboard at the Great Barrier Reef!

Incredible India

Does leaving for India over the weekend sounds crazy to you? We don’t see it that way! Its the Taj after all!

Taiwan 101

Adventure girl and I fly to Taiwan for some spontaneous adventure and CouchSurfing!

Around Kuala Lumpur

You could see KL is on its way to becoming a world class city, steadily evolving. Honestly there’s nothing much to see in KL after two days of walking around.

The USS George Washington Experience

Aircraft carriers has long been the symbol of America’s superiority over the high seas and growing up as a big Top Gun fan, you can’t imagine how excited I felt when I was… Continue reading

Blue Moon Island Party

CouchSurfing “Couch surfing isn’t just a means of accommodation; it is an entirely new way to travel. You get to see the world through local residents, not hotel concierges or guidebooks. But what… Continue reading

Sundays and Thoughts on Photography

9:30 am Since Niq is on her way to Zürich, today is Bger’s chance to play with his flashy gadgets! I’ll be his assistant/subject while he’s gonna be the photographer. He’s also gonna… Continue reading

Bintan Island, Indonesia

Bintan Island is located south-east of Singapore and can be reached by boat in less than an hour. The economy of Bintan is centred in tourism, given its close proximity to Singapore. The… Continue reading

Singapore, Singapore

I consider myself a trouper, having no problems roughing it out on the wild with my dad but for all that, however, I also love my comforts. Singapore gives me that comfort.. I… Continue reading

The Picturesque Town of Ipoh

The Town Tin Mining Built! I arrived at Bercham station, Ipoh after an 8 hour bus ride from Singapore to hook up with my chinese buddy, John Ho. Ipoh, whose population is predominantly… Continue reading

Different Perspectives

Its always good to change our perspective to keep us from burning out. See things in a different light.