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Big City, Big Dreams

            If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.


Holi Festival of Colours

Celebrating Colour, Love & Happiness.

On To The Next One

Guilt fades, hard work is forever.

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Spending the Yuletide season overseas for the first time with the Elizaldes! Starring: Me, Bger, Niq, Robine, Yaya Dibbie & Reggie. Tonight will be close to impossible for me to fend off the… Continue reading

Blue Moon Island Party

CouchSurfing “Couch surfing isn’t just a means of accommodation; it is an entirely new way to travel. You get to see the world through local residents, not hotel concierges or guidebooks. But what… Continue reading

Sundays and Thoughts on Photography

9:30 am Since Niq is on her way to Zürich, today is Bger’s chance to play with his flashy gadgets! I’ll be his assistant/subject while he’s gonna be the photographer. He’s also gonna… Continue reading

Singapore, Singapore

I consider myself a trouper, having no problems roughing it out on the wild with my dad but for all that, however, I also love my comforts. Singapore gives me that comfort.. I… Continue reading

Different Perspectives

Its always good to change our perspective to keep us from burning out. See things in a different light.