Halden, Norway

Purely, if we’re talking about places.. the palaces and monuments, the waterfalls and footpaths along chalky sets of cliffs.. any beautiful sight is just that. I’m 26 and if I could give my teenage self one piece of advice when it comes to travelling, it would be talk the everyone, especially the locals. No destination is the sum of its sights.  

The soul of a city is in its people.

A panoramic view of Halden, as seen from the fort of Fredriksten

Rochelle picking blueberries on the roadside

Sending Iver to day care

Baby viking Iver!

Svinesund, the Nor-Swe border

Frode brought us to a shooting range on the outskirts of the city.. where we of course half embarrassed ourselves with our aim

Last BBQ of the year, before winter comes


Halden has got to be one of my most pleasant places I’ve been to just because of family: Michelle, Frode and Iver.
A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles :)