The USS George Washington Experience

Aircraft carriers has long been the symbol of America’s superiority over the high seas and growing up as a big Top Gun fan, you can’t imagine how excited I felt when I was given the opportunity to climb aboard United States Ship George Washington!
My friend who works in the Navy sent me an e-mail and invited me to tour around the carrier as part of a 4-day good will visit in Manila! The best part about this experience is that the nuclear powered USS George Washington is an active ship, ready for war and not a floating museum!

Check out the photos below of this one-in-a-lifetime experience!

The might of the United States Navy, George Washington aka G-Dub

We tried to blend in by wearing these shorts… didn’t work.

Me and a Super Hornet

The ship’s anchor chain. That’s huge!

The hangar below. Look at those payloads!

Aircraft carriers are essentially floating military fortresses that can house up to 6000 crew members and god knows how many armaments and bombs. According to my friend RK, these billion dollar war machines always travels around the globe with a fleet. USS GW’s fleet is made up of four ships – cruiser USS Cowpens, and destroyers USS John S. McCain and the USS McCampbell. They have destroyers.. two of them! Did you ever get to see what destroyers are capable of? No? Watch the movies! Too bad I didn’t get to have good photos of the cruiser and the destroyers.

According to sources I won’t identify (haha!) right now, the G-Dub fleet includes two nuclear submarines. At the time of the good will visit, the two submarines were secretly docked at Subic Bay – away from media so the subs weren’t even on the news.

A little bit of reflection: it’s important to know that this fleet is safeguarding the rest (SG & PH included) of the pacific from.. you know.. threats. (depends which side you’re on)
USS George Washington, based in Yokosuka, Japan is the only US aircraft carrier whose home port is outside the US mainland. These sailors, my good friend included, work in a hazardous and stressful environment. Even in peacetime, there are a lot of risks involved according to him. I’ve heard stories of GW having a Mexican stand-off with North Korea’s fleet! So its good to know G-Dub is on our side.. keeping NokoR’s navy in check.

The US navy is unparalleled in the world right now in terms of superiority in naval warfare. You can combine the rest of the world’s carriers and still come up one short compared to the USA. I have this funny feeling Goerge Washington and his fleet alone would be enough to conquer the Philippines and turn Manila into dust!

Oh did I say they carry nukes? I didn’t of course.. that would be classified information.

Too bad they don’t carry F-14 Tomcats anymore. Those were the best looking fighter jets ever!

The gang on the flight deck.

Beware of blast!

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

Another Tom Cruise moment

The carrier can hold 90 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters

Sir yes sir!

Flag of nations

The captain’s chair (David Lausman’s)

Petty Officer Aronce

Crew sleeping quarters

Photo with the sailors at bridge

En route to the nuclear powered aircraft carrier!