Blue Moon Island Party


“Couch surfing isn’t just a means of accommodation; it is an entirely new way to travel. You get to see the world through local residents, not hotel concierges or guidebooks. But what is most profound about the whole experience is the trust that naturally exists ” -Time Magazine

The CS gang – Photo by Oren

Blue Moon Island Party – an event for CouchSurfers – Singapore

“When a College Dorm Party meets Spring Break and Koh Pha Ngan’s Full Moon Party revelry ensues!
This is your chance to experience a 2-day 1-night memorable event of this kind with other couchsurfers! With unholy amount of beer and excitement, what else can be better than this?”


Saturday 6:00 PM

I finally mustered enough courage and went solo! This was my first time attending a CouchSurfing event so I was naturally nervous at first but I thought.. I’m used to getting myself into awkward situations (part of my job) all the time so.. how bad can it get? And the buzzing metropolis of Singapore has taken its toll on me so I felt I needed a jolt of adventure!

A piece of advise to the procrastinators out there, just go! If you are so bored with your freaking life then do something about it. Facebook posts and quoting quotes won’t change your situation! I think its best to just get out there, there’s so much more to see! Wing it!

Rochelle and I on our way to St. John’s Island

Met these awesome guys and we all became friends instantly!


St. John’s Island – The beach

There were over 130 CouchSurfers on the island!

A makeshift beach slide! Unfortunately the low tide ruined it.

There’s also a “Dad’s camp” event… wait what camp?

Oryx, orienting the CouchSurfers before the party begins.

Cooking for 130 people won’t be easy for sure!


Saturday 12:00 MN

The party came into full swing, DJ KB belted out his mixes and then craziness ensued! People were dancing all over the beach with glow sticks and tiki torches! It was awesome to witness complete strangers gel together instantly!

I met this guy Acmad who has lived in Boracay for a month.. Charlotte who just transferred to Singapore very recently all the way from Norway… and many others! The only single common thing the people that I met on the Island share is that everyone is unique!

Definitely the best thing about the Blue Moon Island Party was being part of a group of people sharing the same interests. All of us were so eager to learn and hear each other’s stories, travels and experiences. Questions were thrown around “Did you already visit the Philippines? How awesome is Kyoto? You work sucks too?”

The rest of the night went on like that: conversing with random individuals and sharing stories.. then a little bit of dancing over there, smoking here and again some more sharing of travel stories. Social stereotyping was almost non-existent.. everyone just wants to have some fun before Monday comes and kills us all over again.


Sunday 7:00 AM

CouchSurfers are low-maintainance..  although the organizers provisioned 50 bunk beds (dormitory style), some opted to sleep on the beach.. (myself included) ..others lay on the grass and there’s even this guy who slept on the hard cold cement floor! (Seriously, I mean why sleep on the cement when there are better options.. haha!) ..Well I guess that’s the spirit of adventure & CouchSurfing! Good thing Rochelle offered that guy her bunk bed though.

The aftermath

So close with nature!

Someone made good use of the inflatables

Nice morning scene.

Breakfast – there was a shortage of plastic cups so we had to wash and recycle so everyone could have nice good ‘ol caffeine fix!




Helping out

Most of CouchSurfers offered the organizers a helping hand in cleaning up the next day. There was no fuss when the organizers handed out garbage bags.. just right away everyone was picking up rubbish! Didn’t take long and the beach was again back to its normal condition.. well almost.

I made friends with a lot of people from all over the world.. most of their names I can’t even remember but I had such a good time hanging out with them! They inspired me to take it up a notch with my travel plans and just go there.. don’t hesitate!

Most of them travelled on a shoestring budget, so that’s really amazing too!
CouchSurfing also made me realize that It’s not how many continents you’ve been too.. its how many friends you make along the way! In fact, me and my CouchSurfing buddies are already geared up to get our SCUBA open water license this October!

Rochelle with a fellow CouchSurfer cleaning up

P.S. Thank you again to the organizers, you guys are awesome!

CouchSurfers playing football with Singapore’s skyline on the background

Oh. Did I mention I only paid $40.00 SGD for everything? Yes, everything!

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