Sundays and Thoughts on Photography

9:30 am

Since Niq is on her way to Zürich, today is Bger’s chance to play with his flashy gadgets! I’ll be his assistant/subject while he’s gonna be the photographer. He’s also gonna be the babysitter for Robine.

You see Bger and Niq have very contrasting styles when it comes photography. While Bger is into in-depth technical photography (specializing in artificial lighting).. Niq is the complete opposite with her style preferring only natural light. It’s also important to know that Niq hates flashes so much that Bger is forbidden to practice his strobist photography at home! I’m kidding :-)

Personally, I like my pictures candid and full of emotions. So I want it natural… but flash photography is interesting too! (Check out the links below to see what I mean!) ..Can’t wait to have my hands on a telephoto, sitting on a plaza bench in Rome!

Robine tags along watching her TV shows while bugging her dad. She also shouts at me whenever I strum her custom-made Ukulele (Photo found below).

Sundays Let’s start our morning! Robine watching her TV show and Bger setting up his softbox.

Setting up his soft box

Bger and his flash gadgets

Bger holding the remote trigger

You could check out Niq’s awesome photos here:

Unfortunately, Bger doesn’t post his photos but he shared some of his inspirations for his strobist style:

As of this writing I’m on Monique’s side (natural lighting) but Bger is slowly converting me into flash photography. Why? Did you click those links above? You haven’t? You should!

I also don’t have a camera of my own yet let alone soft boxes and remote triggers. I’m just waiting for Nikon to replace the D7000 model then I’ll cop one!

Good times… I like it that my Sunday mornings are sometimes unusual..

..Good day everyone and enjoy your weekend, or whats left of it!