Singapore, Singapore

I consider myself a trouper, having no problems roughing it out on the wild with my dad but for all that, however, I also love my comforts. Singapore gives me that comfort.. I can say that Singapore is a great country to live and work in.. the food is great, the pay is good, you’re never too far away from home and the city-state’s public transport is carefully planned out. People from all over the world come to Singapore to work and as the crossroads for various cultures and nationalities, it’s always fun making new friends here.

My Day Job

The competitiveness of the IT industry in SG is exciting! Everyone (almost) is dead serious about their business here! My line of work requires dedication and comes with serious responsibilities (I wish I was kidding) …staying in top shape (mentally hehe!) is important or else one day I might wake up and realize that I’m already left behind. Such is life!

The E’s

And of course, there’s the Elizaldes.. a cheerful young family of three! I rent a room in a flat owned by the E’s.The E’s share my enthusiasm for coffee shops, travelling and photography!

Niq and I both love good coffee, cheap wine and IKEA. I’m Robine’s (2 years old) favorite ninong! I guess it’s safe to say that I’m clearly leading the rest of the ninongs with a good margin in this area!

Robine’s dad, Bger is a natural genius and I look up to him as my mentor. Bger and I also fool around a lot, something we shouldn’t let our clients catch us doing. hehe! :-)

Moving forward

Singapore has been a blessing… a blessing earned, not given. What’s next for me? I’m preparing to travel the world.. I want to experience the African savannah, visit my aunt in Houston, drink wine in Tuscany, walk under the Andalusian Sun, stand on the Dettifoss.. (I’ve been reading too many travel books) ..and it all starts here, in Singapore.

I’m starting small but I’ll get there. I’ll get there! :)

Photos of friends and family in Singapore:

My Waterway @ Punggol, this is where I jog everyday 

Jed Rosero @ Work

East Coast Beach, Singapore

Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay


Bger & Niq crossing North Bridge Road

Clark Quay

Photography Muscle

The Gang at CQ Bridge